The sun blinds the eyes, the heady aroma of wine reigns in the air, and in the cordiality you just want to dissolve. Yes, this is colorful Georgia. Kakhetian wine…

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The air is saturated with intoxicating aromas of wines, incendiary music sounds in every corner of the city, and a good mood does not allow to fall asleep for a…


Open any list of the rarest professions and almost everyone will find the profession of a wine taster. This trend is associated not only with the lack of special educational…

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The tradition of mass destruction of large quantities of wine is not the best quality has been almost 200 years. This happens every 3rd Thursday of November. Today, this tradition…

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The air is saturated with intoxicating aromas of wines, incendiary music sounds in every corner of the city, and a good mood does not allow to fall asleep for a long time. Want to enjoy this atmosphere? Go to the wine festival. Moreover, it is very simple to do this – almost all the wine-making regions of the world, and sometimes even large wine farms, hold their celebrations. For example, in the German Moselle Valley from April to November, the fun does not subside: the holiday baton is passed from the farm to the farm.

For wine connoisseurs and admirers, such fests help broaden their horizons and knowledge about the drink, get acquainted with the producers and learn the secrets of cooking. For winemakers themselves – this is a great opportunity to attract customers, as well as find business partners. For tourists – a unique opportunity to enjoy the amazing atmosphere, and take a fresh look at perhaps already familiar places, but through the prism of a glass of good wine.

1. Wine Festival in Bandol (Provence).
Despite the onset of cold weather (November-December), there are hundreds of people on the Cote d’Azur again: the city of Bandol invites you to a celebration honoring young French wine. Bandol is an ideal place for growing grapes: a sufficient amount of sunny days and precipitation combined with a mild climate make it possible to produce bright and memorable wine. The tasting of the drink is absolutely free, just arm with a special souvenir glass and have time to put it under the stream of wine, which is poured directly from the barrels. After tasting, you can take part in street entertainment.

2. Festival of Sherry, Spain.
Spain in September is replete with a variety of festivals dedicated to the harvest of grapes, but the most ambitious and bright is the festival of sherry. The celebration takes place in the city of Jerez de la Frontera – the birthplace of the best sherry and flamenco dance style. Three weeks wine flows like water, and some colorful ideas are replaced by others. Here you can enjoy a tasting of many brands of Spanish sherry and admire the flamenco performed by various groups. The celebration ends with a magnificent procession, during which the queen of the festival will be chosen.

3. “Doors Cellars”, Australia.
About 30 wineries of the state of South Australia each year in January open the doors of their wineries and generously treat everyone to their best wines. At the festival you can not only taste the wine, but also take part in the process of its production, the crush of berries. The festival is a competition that defines the best drinks in Australia. “The Doors of the Cellars” – superb landscapes of the Adelaide hills, live music and the best wines of Australia.

4. Madeira Wine Festival / Festa do Vinho da Madeira, Portugal.
The Portuguese Wine Festival is considered one of the most colorful and colorful celebrations of the fall. There are many legends about the origin of the Madeira symbol – the elixir, which we call “Madeira”. The most famous is the story of a merchant who transported his wine to the continent. Part of the barrels did not fit in the hold and remained “languishing” under the burning rays of the sun. “For trouble” the ship also caught a storm, but to the surprise of the merchant, after these tests, the goods not only did not deteriorate, but also acquired a unique taste. The end of summer is no reason to be sad; in August, the holiday of wine and wine-makers begins on Madeira. Every corner of the city is consumed with a holiday: costumed shows, winemakers’ processions, incendiary music, exhibitions, fairs and attractions, acquaintance with the winemaking history of the region and the opportunity to participate in the process of making the gods drink. The wine cellars are ready to open their doors for visitors, and tasting tables are set right on the streets.

5. Wine Festival in Argentina.
Mendoz is the world-famous wine-making region of Argentina, and it is here that the country’s most grand wine festival is held. For more than 70 years on one week of March, Argentinean vineyards have been transformed into a venue for festivities. After choosing the queen of the festival, countless tastings, festive processions, contests and theater performances begin.

6. Wine Festival in Limassol, Cyprus.
Since 1961, when the summer heat is gradually receding, the 10-day Wine Festival starts in Limassol, Cyprus. In Cyprus, wine is still treated as a sacred drink, and the recipe for preparing local wines is still kept in the strictest confidence. The whole holiday is imbued with national color: the accompaniment of bouzouki, songs for popular claps, and dancing. From morning to evening, anyone can taste dozens of the best Cypriot wines, and take part in the crush of grapes.

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