If you do not take into account the work of professional tasters and critics whose purpose is to evaluate wine, wine tasting for the average person is a practical way…

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The most expensive wines of the world
For these "blue chips" of the wine world is a real hunt around the world. Forbes selected 10 bottles, which earned the most as a result of auction auction houses…


Wine as an element of culinary dish is no novelty for anyone. Such recipes have earned particular popularity in wine-making regions, but also in areas far from vineyards, wine is…

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Not all of us have a personal wine cellar at our disposal, which is an ideal place to store wine for a long time, or a closet with the ability…

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Elite wine is a harmonious ensemble of intoxicating aroma, noble color and unique taste. Such drinks can not be attributed simply to the “red or white.” This is a special section of works of art where grapes, climate and technology have miraculously combined. The French say that the vine – the mother, the soil – the father, and the climate – the fate. If so, then elite wines are children with incredibly loving parents and favorable destiny.

Does every wine qualify for this high rank? Many people mistakenly believe that you can buy any wine and “sweat” it for several years, and the result will be a high-quality elixir. This theory does not work at all for young wines that are able to please with their taste only for several months after the spill. Every wine, be it young, seasoned, vintage or elite, is good in its time.

Should these noblest drinks possess? There is no exact list; all criteria are conditional enough: quality, balanced taste, limited circulation. According to the qualifications adopted by winemakers there are 5 main features:

1. The highest expert assessment. On a 100-point scale, elite alcohol receives ratings in the region of 95-100.

2. Duration of storage. Of course, any wine can be stored for decades, but only the elite after this period can improve their taste. These wines also include the exquisite Banfi Brunello Di Montalcino, which can be bought in Kazakhstan. At the same time, other wine representatives completely lose their potential, turning into vinegar.

3. The best year is the best harvest. Only berries collected in the “strong” year are able to give excellent wine.

4. Eminent brand – the key to success. Winemakers always take care of their name in the wine circles, so they direct all the forces and means to maintain the quality of their product. A great example of this is the Chilean Don Melchor with its unrivaled currant and blackberry aroma and balanced flavor.

5. The level of sales. The cost of elite wines is often in the same price range, not counting the crisis years. Leading positions in terms of sales are occupied by representatives from France. Vinograd catalogs store for you the unforgettable Chateau De Lamarque and the lightweight Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose.

Elite wines are a real decoration of any holiday table in Kazakhstan. Thanks to a convenient navigation map with shops, now everyone can afford to buy this luxury. Moreover, the search for elite wines has now become easier and more accessible thanks to a specialized online wine catalog in Kazakhstan. In the catalog you can easily find Italian, Spanish, French, Georgian, Argentinean, Turkish, American and Chilean wines.

Buy elite alcohol in the Republic of Kazakhstan

He will join the caste of connoisseurs, as well as unmistakably choose “your” perfect wine, and wine tastings, which are held regularly at the Vinograd club, will help.

“Alas, we have not been here for many days, it’s a sin to live without love and without wine” - Omar Khayyam. RED WINE “Dry” terminology says that red wine…


Good wine is the same attribute of luxury as antiques or jewelry. Lovers of this drink is not enough just to drink, I want to own. If you treat such…