“A barrel makes wine” - this old saying is a reflection of one of the main processes in winemaking. Ripening in a barrel, the wine is enriched with countless aromatic…

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Each of us at least once tasted wine. However, not everyone is familiar with the history of winemaking. Although this drink is considered one of the oldest and the history…


“Dry” terminology says that red wine is a drink made from dark grape varieties using a special technology that promotes the transfer of anthocyanins from the skin to the wort.…

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Open any list of the rarest professions and almost everyone will find the profession of a wine taster. This trend is associated not only with the lack of special educational…

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The tradition of mass destruction of large quantities of wine is not the best quality has been almost 200 years. This happens every 3rd Thursday of November. Today, this tradition has become part of the life of not only French wine lovers.

The essence of this holiday is not so unique. In Italy, there is a similar tradition, it is called “Novelo”. You can say that in any country you can find a similar holiday after harvesting wine.

Historically, in France after fermentation, the wine was poured into barrels. Sent it for sale only after a certain time. However, many people who were not indifferent to daily drinking and did not have a lot of money were happy to receive wine for pennies. In the middle of the 19th century, this wine was the young Beaujolais.

This wine is made from Game grapes. This variety is not adapted for aging and long exposure. This is affected by the terroir of the region of grape production – South of Burgundy. Also, local soils and climate make it impossible to grow Pinot Noir. When Philip the Bold put a ban on the cultivation of Game in Burgundy, he made an exception only for local landowners.

In Paris, the wine from Beaujolais was delivered by rivers. Early ripening and fast fermentation process ensured this wine the first place on the shelves of traders. The wine was inexpensive and it was an excellent occasion for a holiday – every year the number of fans increased.

Today, the official date of the Beaujolais Nouveau sale is the 3rd Sunday of November. At this point, the store shelves are already filled with this wine.

The production technology of the Beaujolais Nouveau is not quite traditional. First of all, for 4-6 days, the pressed grapes separate the color, after which it is squeezed and the grape juice begins to ferment separately (usually all parts of the berry roam together). This is the way to get a light taste and bright aromas of wine.

However, this technology has its own minus – to stop the fermentation process, a large amount of sulfur is added to the wort. It can not be removed from the wine, and getting into the body, sulfur produces oxygen. It is oxygen in wine that provides pain in the head in the morning, even though you drank quite a bit of young Beaujolais.

Due to the fact that local winemakers used the following trick – they paid travel companies that offered all the tourists who came to Paris to take part in this holiday. Tourists with a great desire to accept such a tempting invitation. This was especially popular among US citizens – it was in the 1980s that a “wine boom” began in their country. Very soon the holiday was widely spread in different countries, it allowed to “plunge” into memories associated with Paris.

But it is not all that bad. There are very good quality Beaujolais wines. The bulk of Beaujolais Nouveau wine is made in the central and southern regions. But the northern regions give a very good harvest – the wines are of good quality. They can even be kept in used barrels. The name is usually displayed on labels – Moulin a Vent, Saint-Amour, Fleurie, Cote de Brouilly, etc. AOC Boujoles Viliage can also please you with decent quality.

Taking part in this fun holiday is very interesting and fun, but do not forget that after all it’s rather a commercial move.

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