Rose wine is the perfect complement to any meal: whether it is a picnic on a hot summer day, a romantic date or a friendly chat. It will help create…

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Лучшие бизнес-идеи и франшизы со всего мира
The air is saturated with intoxicating aromas of wines, incendiary music sounds in every corner of the city, and a good mood does not allow to fall asleep for a…


“A barrel makes wine” - this old saying is a reflection of one of the main processes in winemaking. Ripening in a barrel, the wine is enriched with countless aromatic…

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Wines from South Africa are world famous thanks to their excellent taste, high quality and unique character.The starting point in the development of wine production was the 17th century, when…

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The history of almost any popular brand of sparkling wines today has its roots in the Middle Ages, in the Champagne province, studded with vineyards and distilleries. It was there that grew the best grapes, ideal for creating exquisite alcoholic beverages of small fortress. Especially juicy and fragrant white grapes of Champagne gave (and gives) to this French champagne the best in the world taste and the richest flavor. And thanks to him, the world is obliged to the birth of the legendary champagne Laurent-Perrier (Laurent-Perrier).

The history of the production of this wonderful champagne dates back to the distant seventeenth century, when the couple Eugène Laurent and Emilia Perier founded their own distillery in the province of Champagne. For the production of a unique collection of champagne Laurent-Perrier, the couple used selected grapes from the entire province. They spent a lot of time experimenting with blends and mixtures of juice from grapes of different varieties, and eventually they found the perfect combination of ingredients for their champagne, which is still popular today, only slightly behind the largest producers.

Thanks to Laurent-Perrier’s high fame, its worldwide sales have truly staggering imagination. Such exquisite champagne is purchased for the most significant celebrations and holidays. It invariably causes admiration from anyone who is able to appreciate its taste. At the same time, even people with an average level of wealth can afford to afford Laurent-Perrier.

Every self-respecting connoisseur of the noble history of French champagne should at least once try this sparkling treasure of the province of Champagne. It absorbed all the warmth and sunlight of this picturesque region and left unchanged the oldest recipe for its preparation.

Not branded Brut has always been considered the hallmark of the distillery Laurent-Perrier.

The style of Laurent-Perrier Brut is determined by the high proportion of Chardonnay content, providing natural purity, freshness and elegance of the drink. Such a high content of Chardonnay for non-brand champagne (twice the average level) is not quite a characteristic feature of French winemakers, which makes Laurent-Perrier Brut even more unique.

Only the best grape juices are used to make this champagne. The blend of the drink is created on 55% of the wines obtained from individual cru, as well as using backup wines from places with medium quality cru. All this is done to ensure perfect consistency in style.

Laurent-Perrier Brut is also subjected to calibrated aging in basements: at least three years for 750 ml bottles, and four to five years for magnum. After bottling, the drink is again placed in the basement to allow it to rest for several months before shipping. All this helps the champagne to absorb more freshness and pass it on to the consumer without any residue.

Cuvee Rose Brut stands out from the entire collection of the house. Even the shape of the bottle, invented under Henry IV, is distinguished by its originality.

This is an extremely rare pink champagne, which differs from traditional Champagne wines by its unusual production technology. Taste its fruit notes and forget its fresh aroma is a real pleasure for connoisseurs of sparkling wines.

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