Wine cork has almost the same rich history as the drink, whose integrity it is designed to preserve ... WINE Cork HISTORY The enterprising ancient Greeks managed not only to…

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Before you comprehend the subtleties of the selection of the ideal combinations of wines and dishes, let's touch on the topic of recommendations for choosing a wine to the table.…


Biodynamic wines are wines produced strictly in accordance with the theory of biodynamics. Recently gaining popularity among wine lovers. The growth of biodynamic wineries began in the 80s. The cause…

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The most expensive wines of the world
For these "blue chips" of the wine world is a real hunt around the world. Forbes selected 10 bottles, which earned the most as a result of auction auction houses…

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Combine pleasure with benefit – attend wine exhibitions! On the one hand, you drink different wines, on the other hand, you increase your level of professionalism in the diverse world of wine.In the course of events there is always something to learn – tastings, training workshops, interesting lectures are held. The winemakers themselves will tell you about how it is produced, what flavors, techniques and more exist. There is an opportunity to meet famous wine critics.

Wine Club Vinograd offers you a calendar of international exhibitions of wine. Explore it and organize your wine trip. You can believe – such events will not leave you indifferent.

WHERE: Dusseldorf, Germany
WHEN: March

Large and large-scale event. The exhibition is dedicated to wines and strong alcoholic beverages. It is not the first year that it has broken attendance records, even despite the global crisis. It takes place at the end of March in Germany, in the Messe Duesseldorf exhibition complex. The emphasis is on German biodynamic wines. However, more than 3000 manufacturers from around the world take part in it. During the three days of the exhibition, more than 35,000 wine professionals have time to visit it.

Borde an example
WHERE: Bordeaux, France
WHEN: April
Tasting a new vintage Bordeaux is not an exhibition. But this isof wine. The event is closed, only professionals and the press take part. This event is key to the economic side of the wine industry. There is a huge amount of excellent and high-quality wines, but true connoisseurs, collectors and investors are most interested in Bordeaux wines. 90% of the market of wines, rated by Parker above 95 points, fall on Bordeaux wines.

WHERE: Verona, Italy
WHEN: April

Vinitali is a very large-scale exhibition, it takes place in Verona. After that, she has toured around the world in abbreviated form. About 4000 exhibitors are represented on it, about 150 thousand people from 60 countries of the world visit. Having international status, after all, first of all, this exhibition is dedicated to Italian wines. There are two options for visiting this exhibition. The first is to defend a huge queue and purchase a ticket. The second is to attend an open evening event in the city. At this time, all hotels in Verona are overcrowded due to the abundance of people willing to visit Vinitali. More democratic Vinitali arrives in Moscow and St. Petersburg a month or two after the event in Italy.

WHERE: Vienna, Austria
WHEN: April
The exhibition is dedicated to technological know-how in the alcohol sector. Here everything is presented – from agricultural equipment to packaging and logistics of wine and other alcoholic beverages. Most of the exhibitors are Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia.

WHERE: London, UK
Positions itself as an “objective” exhibition. There is no emphasis on the wines of the country that arranges the exhibition. About 20,000 wines are presented, including wines of small and specialized farms. The program is very saturated – a large number of master classes, tastings. Top 100 tastings are especially popular.

WHERE: Jerez de la Fronterra, Spain
WHEN: Biennale
Spanish exhibition, completely dedicated to dessert and natural sweet wines. Not only professionals can take part, but also all who wish. It takes place on the territory of Alcazar – the Arab fortress of the 11th century. Thereby, it is the most picturesque in the world.

WHERE: Bordeaux, France
WHEN: June
Every odd year, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Bordeaux organizes a Vinexpo exhibition dedicated exclusively to French wines. Only professionals and the press take part. The number of participants is 2,400 people, and about 50,000 visitors from 135 countries.

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