Each of us at least once tasted wine. However, not everyone is familiar with the history of winemaking. Although this drink is considered one of the oldest and the history…

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"Georgia: the cradle of wine." It is under such a trademark that half a century ago Georgian wines came to the European market. Such an eloquent title is not at…


There is no error in this header. Luca Maroni, a leading Italian taster and sommelier, built an astounding career and, from 1989 to 2008, tasted some of the world's best…

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Wine auctions or a bottle of wine for the price of a luxury car. For “hunters” for antiques, an auction is a great opportunity to purchase the desired lot (paintings,…

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Chablis – a bright, direct and understandable wine with a taste of citrus and delicate cream and, at the same time, soft. While drinking this wine, the taste of the earth on which it was born is vividly felt.

Between Dijon and Paris, near the town of Chablis, the vineyards of Chablis are located. Due to the location, the wines from this grape variety are light, fairly acidic, but with a lower level of alcohol than, for example, in Burgundy.

The high acidity inherent in Chablis is not its best quality. The appearance of malolactic fermentation is possible, and the capacity in which the wine was aged may also affect the acidity level.

In the production of wines Chablis used two directions. In the past, wine was produced only in wooden containers and, of course, because of this, the taste of the wine changed. Wine was also stored and transported using wooden barrels. This method is called “traditional” and is sometimes used today.

Modern technology allowed to produce wine without affecting its taste. This method is called “progressive.” It allows you to keep all the tastes of Chablis.

It is an example of Chablis that shows how various methods of preparation can affect the taste of a wine. Chablis, made by the “traditional” method, are round and delicate wines. Can be stored for 10-15 years. The wines of Chablis made by the so-called “progressive” method are bright, sharp, their acidity level is higher than the traditional Chablis. If you want to buy fresh wine, then the communal Chablis will be an excellent choice for you.

Both variants have good minerality, thanks to Kimmeridge marl – the soil on which the appearance of malolactic fermentation is possible By the way, similar soil is found in the areas of Champagne, the banks of the Loire in Sancerre.

Chardonnay variety gives Chablis softness and tenderness. The quality and roundness of the wine depends on the ripening of the berries. Were allocated special areas on which the berries ripen best.

The communal wines of the Chablis and Petit Chablis categories occupy most of the market. The difference is that Petit Chablis does not contain marl in the soil, but there is a layer of limestone. The wines are not so rounded, but they embody the generic difference of the Chablis brand – a bright refreshing acidity, good mineralization.

There is one nuance – on the label you can see the inscription Vieilles Vignes. It means that the wine was made from vines of at least 25 years of age. Wines are more tender and more pleasant.

In gastronomic terms, experts advise to combine Chablis with soft cheeses – Camembert and Brie, with seafood. Note that the oysters and Escargos of Burgundian snails will be the most successful combination of seafood.

Wine is quite a delicate drink, it can be stored for decades in sealed containers, improving its taste, but it will deteriorate in a few days in an open vessel.…


“Alas, we have not been here for many days, it’s a sin to live without love and without wine” - Omar Khayyam. RED WINE “Dry” terminology says that red wine…