The history of winemaking has more than one millennium, but, despite such a respectable age, the craft continues to develop tirelessly: new technologies, recipes, methods are applied. Thanks to the…

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The history of winemaking has more than one millennium, but, despite such a respectable age, the craft continues to develop tirelessly: new technologies, recipes, methods are applied. Thanks to the love of man for wine, as well as his desire to obtain the perfect drink, new wines began to appear.

It is very difficult to name the exact number, because there are infinitely many varieties of cooking, as well as varieties. The taste of the final product is influenced by a number of factors: temperature, the number of filtrations, the capacity for aging and others. But the main criterion, of course, is the grape itself. The style of wine will depend on its taste: different wines have different density, taste and aroma. We present you the most popular wines in Kazakhstan.

All wines, depending on the varietal composition can be divided into:

mono decadal (one variety of grapes was used);
blended (combination of different types).
There are also other classifications of wine:

By color: white, red, pink.
On sugar content: dry, sweet, semi-dry and semi-sweet.
Spirits: fortified and non-bonded.
On the content of carbon dioxide: quiet and sparkling.
Different wines are suitable for different dishes:

Madera and sherry – suitable as an aperitif.
White table representatives are combined with vegetable snacks, lean meat and seafood.
Dry, semi-dry and semisweet drinks are suitable for vegetables, and red canteens for meat delicacies. Snacks are perfectly complemented by champagne.

The concept of “the best grape variety” is quite extensive and very individual, each admirer of a noble drink has its own ideas of ideal taste. In the arsenal of modern winemakers there is not one or even 10 grape varieties. It is impossible to determine the best of them, each of them is unique.

There is no ideal grape variety, which is equally successfully cultivated in different wine-growing regions. Here climatic conditions (amount of precipitation, temperature) and composition of the soil are of great importance. The same grape variety grown in different regions shows different yield results, and the berries themselves have different taste characteristics. This was the reason for the emergence of another classification: geographical affiliation.

Italian wine producers often blend “classics” (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon) with local varieties.

Red varieties:

Barbera has a high acid content, the wine has a very dry taste.
Wine from Dolchetto turns a rich dark color, with a high content of sugar, alcohol. Taste tart with bitter aftertaste.
Italian “pearl” Nobbyolo. The taste of bitterness, a high concentration of acids and tannins.
Sangiovese is one of the most popular varieties. It is grown in almost all wine-growing regions. The universal component of almost all Italian wines: from the cheapest to the luxury class (the best Tuscan wines).
White varieties:

Cortese. The basis for dry wine. Grapes are cultivated since the 18th century.
Piedmontese variety Arneiz – a component of white wine with a bitter aftertaste.
Muscat Bianca is one of the varieties of Muscat.
Treddiano produces pale lemon wines of a watery consistency. Part of the majority of white wines of Italy.
Vermentino has a rich floral bouquet. The basis for dry and sweet wines.
Popular wines in Kazakhstan

Red grapes:

Aleatiko is one of the Corsican nutmeg varieties. Basis for red dessert wines.
Carignan is the most popular variety in the south of France. Its taste is improved by carbonic maceration.
Carmenère enriches the drink with notes of black berries and grassy hues.
Senso is the “progenitor” of the Pinotage variety. Used for the production of red wines in the south of the country.
Game – Beaujolais wine variety. Possesses juicy taste and saturated aroma. Light fruit wines are made from it.
White grapes:

Aligote comes from Burgundy. Wines of this class have a high acidity, not suitable for long aging.
Bonois – analogue of Chardonnay Chardonnay.
Claret – the main component of sparkling wine in the south.
Muska in Alsace is used for the production of dry and fragrant beverages.
In the upper reaches of the Loire they grow Tresalle.
Russet – synonymous with Altesse variety.

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 Winemaking, despite its venerable age, continues to evolve tirelessly: keeping the traditions, technologies are being improved, new recipes and terms are emerging. All this contributed to the emergence of new…