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Good wine is the same attribute of luxury as antiques or jewelry. Lovers of this drink is not enough just to drink, I want to own. If you treat such people and seriously think about organizing your own cellar, this article is for you.

Collecting good wines is a great investment. But what are these “good”? These certainly include wines of France (Bordeaux Chateau, Burgundy), and in a small amount of Spain, Italy, Germany. Proper financing is the purchase of young wine, the price of which has not yet skyrocketed. We place in the cellar and observe how every year the taste becomes richer and the price is higher. Carefully monitor the shelf life to prevent ripening of wine and its death. For white dry wines, the limit is 30 years, for dry red wines – 40 years, the white dessert wine has been stewing for 50 years. There are samples that retain their taste for over 100 years, only a few overcome the century mark.

Tip 1.

Selecting wines in your collection, pay special attention to the potential (over the years improves the taste) and acidity (well preserves the structure of the drink)

Tip 2.

Carefully organize the storage location, taking care not only of the existing ones, but also leaving space for future acquisitions. A wine cellar (ideal) or, at least, a wine cabinet can become such a lonely place with dimmed light, strict temperature conditions and without foreign smells and noise. Without proper conditions, your collection can quickly become unusable.

Tip 3.

Wines that do not constitute special value for you, keep separate from the “elite”. So that by own mistake or lack of information of friends a bottle of elite Bordeaux wine is not uncorked ahead of time.

Tip 4.

Without sufficient theoretical and practical training, you should not buy expensive drinks. Seek help from a specialist.

Tip 5.

Build a collection to your liking. If you prefer white wine in life, then give preference to these drinks, slightly “diluting” them with other varieties.

And finally, your collection is right, if not only you, but also other wine connoisseurs are interested in it.

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