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Biodynamic wines are wines produced strictly in accordance with the theory of biodynamics. Recently gaining popularity among wine lovers. The growth of biodynamic wineries began in the 80s. The cause was the detrimental effects of using chemicals. Nicolas Joly, an expert on the wines of France, has become a promoter of this technology.

However, back to the story. The origins of biodynamics originate from the anthroposophical theories of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. In the early 20s he developed the principles of biodynamic farming. The essence of this concept is that the vineyard is considered as one system. The environment and all factors affecting the vineyard play an important role. The basis of biodynamic wine making is observation of nature and its influence on the vineyards. In addition to observation and effort to maintain a balance – winemakers use various specific techniques.

Some of them may seem rather strange and even cause laughter. For example, in order for the vineyard to blossom in full force, winemakers buried a cow horn filled with manure at the site. According to the followers of biodynamics – it improves the quality of the wine produced.

Homeopathic methods, such as chamomile, bark, dill, dandelion or valerian, are widely used to treat and prevent any diseases of the vine. A very important role in biodynamics is played by accurate timing.

Of course, the theory of biodynamics, there are many opponents, some people just laugh at such “magic” actions. But, nevertheless, it should be noted that complex technologies, strict care and constant care of the vineyards, bring remarkable results. Wine makers who make wine biodynamically refer to it as a living organism.

Over the past few years, biodynamic wines have become extremely popular all over the world. France, USA, Italy, Germany, Australia – all famous wine masters have biodynamic wineries. For example, the famous Burgundy biodynamic farms, such as Domaine Leroy, Domaine des Comtes Lafon and Domaine Leflaive or wineries of the Alsace – Domaine Zind Humbrecht, Domaine Bott-Geyl and Marc Kreydenweiss. Jean-Marc Brocard, a winemaker from Chablis, is also an ardent follower of the biodynamic method.

In order to receive a quality certificate, wine manufacturers must apply the biodynamic method for three years or more. There are special certifying organizations all over the world. For example, in France certificates for biodynamic wines are issued by the agency Biodivin. Among their clients was even the famous Bordeaux region. The largest number of biodynamic wineries falls on France. The municipality of Les Baux de Provence is on the way to becoming the first biodynamic appellation.

The famous critic, Jensis Robinson, expressed an interesting opinion on biodynamic wines: “On paper, this seems utterly insane, but when you see the excellent health of the grapes and, more importantly, the unique nature of the wines produced, your opinion immediately changes.”

Of course, it is very difficult to answer the question – how does this method affect the final result? Even the leading professionals of this business do not know the answer to this question. However, all unanimously declare that biodynamic wines are more intense and have a special terroir. It should be noted and the environmental component of this method – the safety of the planet we provided.

If you are still interested in the biodynamic method of making wine, we advise you not to stand aside, but try this “live” drink.

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